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James Study Notes


Youíll notice that the notes are longer than previous House Group notes, and you may think they read a bit like sermons. Thatís because they are edited versions of sermon I preached a while back Ė I thought rather than completely change them Iíd leave them as they are, hopefully they will be a guide for you as you study the passage and think about application. Donít read out chunks of it in the studies Ė the notes are there for you as a leader to use in your preparation rather than as the final word on the book.

At the beginning of each study guide Iíve written some suggested questions you can use. Again, these are not set in stone and remember my golden rule for using my questions Ė if you canít re-phrase it if you were to be asked to by a group member, donít use it!

I found Andy Gemmillís work on James to be exceptionally good and has really helped me to see how the whole letter fits together, and especially on the passage about healing in chapter 5.
You can hear his talks on James here - www.atthecastle.org.uk/tag/andy-gemmill A good readable commentary on James is by Alec Moyer in The Bible Speaks Today series.

Introduction to James Notes

Study 1: James 1vs 1-12

Study 2: James 1vs 13-18

Study 3: James 1vs 19-27

Study 4: James 2vs 1-13

Study 5: James 2vs 14-26

Study 6: James 3

Study 7: James 4vs 1-10

Study 8: James 5vs 1-12

Study 9: James 5vs 13-20