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Charity Number (CIO): 1171604

IPC History

International Presbyterian Church

Our own particular origins are in the work of Francis and Edith Schaeffer who went to Switzerland in 1948 as missionaries from the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the USA.

After they had began L'Abri, the international study centre and community for which they are best known, the Schaeffers started a church in order to meet the need of the people who came to Chirst through their ministry, which they called the International Presbyterian Church. The IPC came to England in the sixties alongside the work of L'Abri with the first congregation being planted here in Ealing in 1969. Other congregations have began since, in Hampshire and among the Korean-speaking believers. We thank God for the past 40 years and that he has given us an international church and we commit ourselves to Him so we can make the Gospel known in London.