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Charity Number (CIO): 1171604

The Denomination

There are Four IPC Presbyteries the British, Proto-European Presbytery, the Korean and the South Korean-Proto Presbytery.

Reflecting our ‘international’ nature, we currently have three presbyteries in the UK and Europe (meeting four times a year and together once a year as the IPC Synod) and one proto-Presbytery in South Korea. www.ipchurch.org.uk

(1) British Presbytery

Consists of thirteen English-speaking IPC churches in the United Kingdom.
The British Presbytery meets in March, June, September and December.

Moderator: Matthew Roberts
Clerk: Barry Schutter

PC = Particularised Church (established, full status)
MC = Mission Church
CP = Church Plant

Aberdeen, Trinity Church (PC)
Minister: David Gibson
Elders: Simon Barker, Lawrie Fairns, David Macleod

Derby, Christ Church (PC)
Minister: Jonty Rhodes
Elders: Tim Houghton, Matt Newboult

Inverness, Highland International Church (PC)
Minister: James Torrens
Elders: David Humphris, Peter Humphris

Kyle of Lochalsh, Grace Community Church (MC)
Minister: John Murdo MacDonald
Elders: Stuart Mackinnon

Larbert, Grace Church (PC)
Minister: Andrew Randall
Elders: Hamish Baillie, Ian Fannon, Daniel Green, Donald Macleod, Gordon Nixon, Ron Russell, Sam Shields, Charles Thomson, Morgan Wheeler

Liss, St Peter's IPC (PC)
Pastor: Doug Curry
Elders: Puk-Kyong Kim

London, Emmanuel Brentford (CP)
Church Planter: Stuart Cashman

London, Ealing IPC (PC)
Pastor: Paul Levy
Elders: Chris Cradock, Paul Meiners, Chuck Phillips, Andrew Rae, Graham Weeks

London, Ilford IPC (CP)
Church Planter: Simon Arscott

London, New City IPC, Shepherd's Bush (CP)
Church Planter: Chris Hatch

London, New Life Masih Ghar, Southall (PC)
Pastor: Bob Heppe
Assistant Pastor: Barry Schutter
Elders: Dale Sequeira

Warrington, Culcheth Community Church (CP)
Pastor: Michael Davis
Elders: Bruce Rigby

York, Trinity Church (PC)
Minister: Matthew Roberts

(2) Korean Presbytery

Consists of nine Korean-speaking IPC churches in the United Kingdom, Greece & Ukraine

Moderator: Kim Puk-Kyong
Clerk: Yoo Hwan-Ok

Korean Church, London
Pastor: Yoo Byung-Hun

Kings Cross Korean Church, London
Pastor: Park Sang-Gun

Ealing Korean Church, London
Pastor: Kang Dae-Joong

Oxford Korean Church, Oxford
Pastor: Yoo Byung-Hun

London City Korean Church, London
Pastor: Yoo Seong-Tae

London Presbyterian Church, London
Pastor: Lee Byung-Kwan

Reading Korean Church, Reading
Pastor: Jeon Yong-Ho

All Nations Church, Athens, Greece
Pastor: Yang Yong-Tae

Kiev New Hope church, Kiev, Ukraine
Pastor: Kim Tae-Han

(3) European Proto-Presbytery

Consists of six IPC churches on the continent, working together to form a European Presbytery

Moderator: Leo Proot
Clerk: Joel Rinn

Belgium, IPC Gent
Pastor: Tom Nachtergaele, Murat Ozertekin

Belgium, ICCG Gent (PC)
Pastor: Leo Proot
Elders: Aimi Abass, Geoffrey Decan, Willem Maertens

Italy, Verona (CP)
Pastor: Joel Rinn

Italy, Trinity Church, Vicenza (MC)
Elder: Lee Clark

Romania, Hope Church, Timisoara (MC)
Pastor: Liviu Lepadatu
Elders: Gabriel Florica, Adrian Ciumurel

Azerbaijan, Baku (PC)

(4) South Korean proto-Presbytery

Consists of five IPC churches in South Korea, working together to form a Presbytery

Hamkeyeonun Church, Seoul
Pastor: Bang In-Sung

Se-Um Church, Seoul
Pastor: Kim On-Yang

Seoul Church
Pastor: Whang Byung-Hoon

Kwang-Joo-Somyung Church
Pastor: Park Dae-Young

Eun-Hyang Church
Pastor: Lee Sang-Bum

What do we believe?

Like other Presbyterian Churches we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Three Forms of Unity.

Our Distinctives and out Book of Church Order is available to view or for download.