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Infant Baptism

Questions to be asked at an infant baptism (2016)

(i) Do you believe that the death which baptism symbolises should by rights have been yours and (child’s name)’s, were it not for Christ’s death for you, taking the penalty for your sins? I/We do.

(ii) Do you believe that the washing from sin, new life, and outpouring of the Spirit which baptism symbolises come only through Christ’s death and resurrection? I/We do.

(iii) Do you therefore understand that people can only be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, and not through anything they can do? I/We do.

(iv)Do you renounce the world, the flesh and the devil, and repent of your sins of thought, word and deed against the living God? I/We do.

(v) Do you trust in Christ alone for your salvation, and understand that (name) must do so too, if his* baptism is to be of any value to him*? We do.

Baptismal Promises

(i) Do you therefore promise to bring (name) up in the instruction, obedience and worship of the Lord, to pray for him* and with him*, to include him* in the fellowship of the church, and to be an example to him* of faith and life? We do.

(ii) Will you teach him* what his baptism means for him*, urge him* to repent and believe continually in the Lord Jesus Christ, and assist him* in every possible way to lead a life of devoted service to his* Lord and Saviour? We will.

Congregational promise

(Name) is to be baptised into the visible Church of Jesus Christ, and will become a member of this congregation. Therefore we who are members are all obliged to love and receive him* as a fellow-member of Christ’s body, for ‘we were all baptised into one body’. Do you promise to encourage him* in his* Christian life by godly example, prayer, exhortation and practical concern? We do.

To download infant baptism questions for parents (2016) click here.

Questions to be asked at an infant baptism (Prior to 2016)


1. Do you acknowledge that you are saved only through faith in Jesus, that you trust not in anything you have done or will ever do, but only in His finished work - His death upon the Cross, by which He took upon Himself the penalty for Your sins?

2. Do you realise that baptism is not a saving ordinance, and though it signifies your children's membership in the covenant community, it is not a matter of magic? Do you understand that your children are themselves responsible to receive Christ as Saviour and Lord as they become accountable to Him?

3. Do you in this sacrament covenant together with God to raise your children in the instruction, obedience, and worship of the Lord, to pray for and with them, to keep them in the fellowship of God's people, to be faithful and loving in your home, to be immediate examples of faith, and therefore to do your utmost to lead them to a saving knowledge of Christ at an early age?

4. Do you acknowledge that your children are a gift of God, who are of course to be cherished and enjoyed, but who belong at last not to you but to God? Do you undertake to assist your children in every possible way as they seek to lead a life of devoted service to his Lord and Saviour?

Do you, with God's help, undertake not to hinder your children should they feel called to serve God in a far-away place?

Do you, with God's help, undertake not to complain against God should your children die before you?

Do you, the members of this congregation, agree to pray for these parents as they raise their children in the Christian faith, and to support them in their efforts by providing their children with further examples of obedience and service to God? Should these parents neglect their God-given task, will you in all humility rebuke and correct them?

To download infant baptism questions for parents (Prior to 2016) click here.