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Adult Baptism

Questions for an adult baptism 2016

(i) Do you believe that the death which baptism symbolises should by rights have been yours, were it not for Christ’s death for you, taking the penalty for your sins? I do.

(ii) Do you believe that the washing from sin, new life, and outpouring of the Spirit which baptism symbolises come only through Christ’s death and resurrection? I do.

(iii) Do you therefore understand that you can only be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, and not through anything you can do? I do.

(iv)Do you renounce the world, the flesh and the devil, and repent of your sins of thought, word and deed against the living God? I do.

(v) Do you trust in Christ alone for your salvation, and understand that you must continue to do so for your whole life, if your baptism is to be of any value to you? I do.

Baptismal Promises

(i) Do you therefore promise to live from this day forward in the instruction, obedience and worship of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? I do.

(ii) Do you promise, to the best of your ability and in the power of the Holy Spirit, to lead a life of devoted service to your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? I do.

Congregational promise

(Name) is to be baptised into the visible Church of Jesus Christ, and will become a member of this congregation. Therefore you who are members are all obliged to love and receive (him/her) as a fellow-member of Christ’s body, for ‘we were all baptised into one body’. You must recognise your new responsibility to encourage him/her in his/her Christian life by godly example, prayer, exhortation and practical concern.

To download adult baptism questions prior to 2016 click here.

Questions for an adult baptism (Prior to 2016).

Q 1. Do you believe that God exists, that He is not an idea or concept in the mind, and that He exists as a personal God, in fact, the three persons of the Father, Son and the Spirit, who have existed forever?

Q 2. Do you know that you have many times done things you know to be wrong and that if God were to judge you as you deserve, He would have to condemn you?

Q 3. Do you believe that Jesus Christ who has existed forever as the Second Person of the Trinity became a man and lived a perfect life and that when He died on the cross and rose again in history He did everything that was necessary to atone for your sin and restore you to a relationship with God?

Q 4. Have you personally accepted this work of Christ and have you believed the promises of God, such a promise as ‘he who believes on the Son has everlasting life’, so that you can say without any pride or presumption that you are a child of God and born into His family?

Q 5. Do you now intend to serve Christ and acknowledge His Lordship over your whole life, knowing that you will need to depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit, and knowing that this obedience may by costly to you but it will not bring any loss to yourself, but rather fulfilment to yourself as a creature made in God’s image?

To the congregation
Q. Will you, [the candidate’s] supernatural family, by prayer, witness and love, support [the candidate] as [he or she] undertakes to keep their promises, made before us and before God today?

To download adult baptism questions prior to 2016 click here.