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Tel: 020 8997 4706
Charity Number (CIO): 1171604

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Money Management Course

The three week CAP Money course is a revolutionary money management course designed to help people gain a better knowledge of what they earn and what they spend, devise a manageable budget, get their accounts in order and learn to save.

Specially trained CAP Money Coaches will be on hand to lead the sessions and offer practical advice. The course also boasts the feature of providing access to CAP’s full debt counselling service for those with acute financial difficulties.

So, if you find yourself not knowing how much money you have in your account or frequently going overdrawn at the end of the month, or you just want to look at whether you can be more wise with your money, enrol in the next course now and benefit from this FREE, simple but comprehensive course. The course is open to everyone, whether they’re Christian or not.

For more information contact the church office on 020 8997 4706 or
email ipcealing@yahoo.co.uk