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About IPC

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We are a Christian congregation made up of people from different countries and backgrounds. We are also connected to other congregations throughout the UK and Europe. But, though we may be made up of many nationalities, we are all committed to building a community in Ealing, London, and beyond.


To be Presbyterian speaks of the way our church is governed. The word elder in Greek is presbyteros which is where the name Presbyterian comes from. We belong to the British Presbytery of the International Presbyterian Church. The elders of all the congregations meet 4 times a year to provide accountability, encouragement and oversight. What this means importantly and practically is that we are connected to other churches and are not independent. As a Presbyterian church, we hold to the historic statements of what Christians have believed (the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Chalcedonian Creed, the Athenacian Creed) but we also hold to the more detailed Westminster Confession of Faith and Three Forms of Unity.

You can find out more about the denomination here www.ipchurch.org.uk .
This is an excellent article on what it means to be Presbyterian Click Here.


The Bible describes the church in all sorts of ways, but the simplest way of describing a church is a group of people who are in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Though the media often refer to the church as an organisation, and when giving directions someone may point out a 'church' as a landmark, the essence of a church is people. Church members are committed to help each other grow as Christians and communicate to those who donít know God.